Prices – Vokabeltheke

The following price overview should serve as a guideline. The costs of your translation is determined individually because they depend on different factors. For example, there are higher prices for technically demanding translations, as they require research work in order to enable a fully correct translation.

The settlement is carried out according to the standard line (55 stops) of the German text.

It should be noted that there is a cost advantage for you, since under § 19 (1) UStG, the additional costs of VAT are eliminated for you.




General language text, easy to understand:                                                                                    From €1.00/line

subject-specific text, complex correlations:                                                                                    From €1.10/line

Very specific text, difficult to understand in the source language, a lot of research required: From €1.15/line


There is no minimum order value. I gladly take small orders aswell and pay to them the same attention and confidentiality as to the large orders.